Meet the Kuhns Family


Since Troy was young, he always had a deep connection with plants. Working in plant production and landscaping through grade school helped grow(no pun intended) his passion for the field, which led to a degree in horticulture from The Ohio State University. The more Troy studied plants, the more he realized that they were actually the ones doing most of the teaching.  Troy says that plants have taught him their specific characteristics, their needs, and their likes and dislikes, which provides him with the skills and knowledge to properly care for them.

“Like humans, trees and plants have a lifespan, from infancy to juvenility, adulthood, and finally, death, while facing obstacles, challenges, and even disease along the way. Just like us, every tree has a story to tell on its way through life,” says Troy.


Initiation into a club or organization is viewed as a proud moment. Unfortunately, becoming a parent in the “child loss” club does not hold that excitement and plasters a heavy title on your back that will tag along forever. Becoming a parent that has lost a child puts you at a crossroads: will this loss define you or will this loss take hold of who you are and aid in reshaping you, your purpose and your impact? 

Since 2017, I have been an Educator at a high school in Raleigh, NC and have felt the most powerful sense of community that an employee can experience. The support our family received throughout the short life Cameron lived was unlike anything we could have imagined. From the generous Duke ICN donations to the thoughtful messages from colleagues, students and families in support, and ultimately remembrance of Cameron, took our breath away. Digesting the significant impact that my daughter had on others who did not even know her helped to shape the foundation for what this business is built on. 

Planting Memories is not for “us” but for those grieving the loss of a loved one. It’s for those looking for an open space to process loss, celebrate a life or to recognize a memorable event that touches their heart.