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Planting Memories was founded with the intention of granting families a unique and more personal way to remember a loved one by planting a tree locally, so they can watch it grow and blossom over time. Providing our recipients with the option to add a custom plaque further aides in the remembrance of specific dates, images, quotes, or bible verses that had a special meaning to you or your loved one, allowing their presence to live on for years to come.

A Meaningful Gift

While purchasing a memorial tree for oneself can be beneficial in the grieving process, consider gifting a memorial tree to a grieving friend or family member that can be placed in their yard, a church, a park or another place of significance.

With our exclusive partnerships with local funeral homes, we have made it convenient to gift a memorial tree from either a single person, or a group of people.

For more information on gifting as one or as a group, click HERE.


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